Diamonds and Healing

August 23, 2018 | Published by Claudia | Leave your thoughts

Often, when Julia and I are traveling to an event, we have the time for heartfelt conversations. Recently, one of these conversations was about the struggle we feel with the current complex issues at hand in our day-to-day lives and in the world at large. How can we be the change we want to see in the world and how will KVO facilitate that?  How can we offer something that brings hopefulness in a sea of uncertainty?

We made a conscious decision when we were developing our business plan, that our new business would have a philanthropic focus. We wanted our business profits to make a contribution to our community, regardless of what the actual business would be. A series of events brought us to realize KVO Collections and we began designing, curating and selling diamond jewelry.

Why diamonds?

Traditionally the diamond has been a symbol of everlasting love and commitment.  But the diamond has so much more to offer.

Diamonds have a history of healing properties. They are the master crystal and stimulate clarity and love. The diamond encourages us to be strong in situations that are stressful and can aid in dealing with adversity. In times that require our strength, wearing a diamond can reveal to us our own inner courage and grace. The energy of the stone enhances our patience and how we manifest the abundance we desire.

We believe this type of energy and intention feels really grounding right now with all that is going on in the world. We look at the diamond piece we wear every day and when it sparkles back we are reminded how the earth offers itself to us with what she has created, if we are present enough to remember. We hope that when you wear our diamond jewelry everyday you feel the same and that our contributions to people, communities and foundations are making a difference.

Diamonds. Done. Different.


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