KVO Collections – Wear your sparkle everyday.


The owners, Julia Ford and Claudia Wood, are sisters who have handpicked this collection for its quality, its simple and unique designs, and its affordability. KVO Collections is a concept Julia and Claudia have been dreaming up for quite a while. KVO are the initials of their mom, Karin von Owstien, who died way too young and this collection and those that follow will honor her creativity, love of beauty, and European simplicity and culture. The business is not all about diamond jewelry though. The profit from the jewelry is used to help everyday people with everyday challenges. Their father’s philanthropic spirit was the inspiration for their commitment to this business model. KVO Collections collaborates with other businesses and foundations who share the mission of supporting others with their profitable endeavors.

If you are interested in hosting a party and giving 20% to the charity of your choice, please contact us for more details.